What's That?

OPV Technology (Organic Photovoltaic Film): ARMOR Group’s Choice for Beautiful Light Project©.

OPV (Organic Photovoltaic Film), third generation of organic photovoltaic cells, is tomorrow’s technology. Without drawing on natural resources (silicon), it converts light into electricity, thanks to its carbon chain based components. It’s ARMOR Group’s choice of technology for Beautiful Light Project©.

OPV Technology (Organic Photovoltaic Film) Offers Sure Benefits

  • In perfect tune with ARMOR Group’s sustainable development policy: commodities produced through a polymerization process with limited impact on natural resources, controlled energy results with reasonable investments.
  • A selection of innovative components of a more flexible nature with multifunctional capabilities to envisage.

Organic Potovoltaic Film, Standing the Test of Time

To maximize performances of organic photovoltaic films (sensitive to oxygen and steam), we cover every module with a protective film of the last generation.

OPV Technology vs. Other Photovoltaic Technologies? Major Benefits

  • Lighter: a 1 to 30 ratio to current rigid panels.
  • More Light: layers are so thin they allow light to go through.
  • More Flexibility: can model on curved surfaces, risk-free.
  • Fewer Constraints: customizable modules (in width or height), high response to energy needs (voltage, strength)
  • More Polyvalence: less sensitive to sun degree of inclination, resistant to temperature variations, active in low light and artificial light conditions.

Prospects for You:

  • Possibilities of integrating module with final product, increased tenfold.
  • Respect of optimal design.
  • Capacity to produce electricity within an extended time frame, in all weather conditions.
  • Multi-Functional: outdoor and indoor.