The Plan

Beautiful Light Project©, a Project with Ambition

Beautiful Light Project© is the tremendous adventure of visionary men and women pursuing a simple dream: turn everything into a source of unlimited energy.

To achieve this, what could be more natural than to convert light, which we receive abundantly every day. And in doing so, correcting preconceptions regarding photovoltaic energy.

The idea has quickly attracted and convinced manufacturers and executives who recognize exceptional growth leverage. Together combining their passion and know-how, they carry this daring project and give birth to the first generation of organic photovoltaic film. A significant step has been reached in the Beautiful Light Project©.

Set to be launched commercially in 2016, generation ASCA© 1.0 of organic photovoltaic films, born of the Beautiful Light Project©, will mark a major break in our day-to-day practices.

For ARMOR, originally behind this ambitious project, nothing is ever set in stone. And to improve something is also to question existing models.

Determined to move away from the traditional photovoltaic silicon panel (On-Grid), the Beautiful Light Project© bases itself on an innovative and virtuous economical model (Off-Grid) in which autonomy, quality of usage, rendered value and pricing converge.

This model fits into the wider framework of ARMOR Group’s sustainable development policy. It leans on two major principles:

  • Safety: From the moment they are launched, solutions born of the Beautiful Light Project will not contain any rare metals, toxic or carcinogenic. No chlorinated solvent will be used during fabrication. 
  • Overall Sustainable Management: End of life management is taken into account as early as the development phase of solutions.

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Beautiful Light Project©, New Perspectives Arise

Who would have thought that one of the answers to the energy issue had always stood right there, shining above our heads? Solar Light!

On top of being at the source of all life form, bringing out beauty in all things in this world, light offers a powerful and unlimited source of energy, accessible to all.

Yet today, merely 1% of world consumption is of photovoltaic origin.
Such a fact is not irrevocable. At ARMOR, we believe in a world where everything remains to be invented; a world where every person will profit freely and simply from this miraculous source of energy.

For this reason we are relentless in rethinking traditional models to integrate them into a sustainable and economical approach, to better serve people and the planet.

Beautiful Light Project©, our brand of photovoltaic solutions, was born out of this philosophy, upholding our ambition: turning all surfaces into a source of energy to give people more freedom and autonomy.

Light is infinite, it is accessible to all and must remain so.

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Beautiful Light Project©, Coherence and Precision of Developments

Beautiful Light Project©’s commitments follow those of manufacturer ARMOR.
Reasonable, realistic and unifying with its public, these commitments come in four: quality, integration, accessibility, and consumer satisfaction.

  • Quality: Reliability and durability.
  • Discretion: Respect of occupied surfaces.
  • Accessibility: Giving access to the largest number.
  • Consumer Satisfaction: The driving force of overall process.