Become a Partner

Beautiful Light Project©, Promising Applications to Develop Together

To ensure manufacturing and marketing of organic photovoltaic films born of Beautiful Light Project©, ARMOR Group quickly surrounded itself with talent from around the world:

  • Industrial partners who ensured beforehand that Beautiful Light Project©'s development program ran smoothly.
  • Commercial partners down the line who will provide optimal support when our ASCA© 1.0 generation of organic photovoltaic films is released in 2016.

Becoming Group ARMOR’s partner in Beautiful Light Project© is taking part in a profitable industrial adventure as well as in a perennial human one.

It also means joining a talented team, a high-spirited team, a team of passionate motivators, ever ready to take on the world of tomorrow and its challenges.

Becoming a partner is a Commitment, First and Foremost

  • A commitment based on values of simplicity, openness and trust that transcend the usual client/provider relation.
  • A personal commitment both strong and lasting, in the service of passion, creativity and people.