Beautiful Light and OPV

ARMOR & OPV (Organic Photovoltaic Film)
Convictions for Beautiful Light Project©

ARMOR Group's assets today…

  • A Unique and Established Expertise: we master the overall production process of thin-films: the choice of raw materials, formulation, development of processes, their production and conversion.
  • A High-Performance Team: we surround ourselves with unforeseen support talent to reach ever-increasing performance levels.
  • Strategic Ethics: we never resort to rare, toxic, carcinogenic components or raw materials, or chlorinated solvents. End of life management extends beyond the project, an industrial reality already at the heart of Armor’s activities.

… ARMOR Group's aims tomorrow are:

  • To make the technology accessible to the largest public through a sustainable and responsible industrial policy.
  • To promote Orgnaic Photovoltaic films (OPV) technology around the world.
  • To support Research and Development efforts and widen its scopes of application.