Beautiful Light Project gives rise to ASCA©, a new energetic material for the third millenium!

After 6 years of technological partnership with the major names of the global chemical industry, and an investment of €40 million, we are ready to launch ASCA© industrial production. This energetic material paves the way for a vast array of industrial applications, and the modules will be custom made by ARMOR’s staff within Beautiful Light Project, in La Chevrolière, near Nantes.

Imagine a semi-transparent film, which is flexible, ultra-light, and made from organic compounds, in other words, without rare metals. It is capable of producing electricity when it is exposed to all types of light, on any surface. ASCA© weighs just 500 grams per m2. Its lightness and its flexibility mean it can be used aesthetically, in many different applications.

An innovation based on ARMOR’s R&D and manufacturing expertise

We achieve this innovation thanks to ARMOR’s expertise in the coating of thermal transfer ribbons for bar-code printing. Through our expert knowledge of this manufacturing process, producing over a billion m2/year, we managed to make the necessary adaptations to mass-produce a flexible and competitive photovoltaic film. The creation of ASCA© has been possible thanks to an investment in R&D and equipment of €40 million, since 2010, as well as a multidisciplinary team of 30 PhDs, engineers, and technicians.


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