ASCA©: fruit of global scientific and manufacturing network

To ensure the success of the project, we have developed partnerships with the best centres for research and industry in the world. We have surrounded ourselves with prestigious partners, including CEA-INES France (expertise in devices and age testing), CNRS-IMS France (expertise in materials and devices), CAMBRIOS US (expertise in silver nanowires), MERCK Germany (expertise in chemistry, specialists in photoactive polymers and interface materials), LCPO France (expertise in chemistry, specialists in organic polymers), AMCOR France (expertise in films and encapsulation), and ADHEX France (expertise in technical adhesives). We have also brought on board many world experts in electronic materials and new energy technologies, as well as experts in coating and encapsulation processes.

The choice of the most flexible technology

We have favoured wet roll-to-roll production processes, in order to preserve the greatest possible flexibility and to ensure the right balance between formulation and processes, according to the materials to be used and the circuits to be patterned (quantity of cells, dimensions). Our production capacity for ASCA© is 1 million m2 per year. We are able to produce this quantity thanks to a highly effective engineering department, which is able to meet the requirements of customised requests, whilst offering the possibility of producing high volumes, to meet the needs of all manufacturers and markets. The first ASCA© films are ready to be released ans their applications will be gradually unveiled in 2017.

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